Food I am a vegetarian.  Not a crazy health food nut though. I was predominantly brought up vegetarian as a “Jain” and although I digressed a little in my youth, for the last 28 or so years i have not eaten meat.  To be exact, I am an “eggetarian”  as I do eat eggs.

see post Most people interpret vegetarianism totally wrong – they assume i don’t do anything fun – and assume I am a teetotaler or don’t have sex! Far from it!  It also drives me nuts when I go to a restaurant and all the meat eaters (aka carnivores) are busy searching the menu for vegetarian items and keep checking if I am ok – I appreciate the concern, but it does get annoying.

Check Out Your URL I decided it would be fun to pick a vegetarian food and search for the best restaurant for it in NY – obviously I may not find the absolute best, that is impossible in NY City – but at least try and find some really good ones. So here we go…

phoenix new times dating In search of the best Vegetarian Dumplings in NY