It’s our time to serve

see post Our family received some stimulus money, received a refund from the insurance company and my kid’s colleges gave us money back.  I am spending no money on commuting or eating out and dry cleaning and so on.  My job is secure (at least I hope so) and so things are going well – expect for the minor inconvenience of being cooped up at home. So, it feels odd taking this money. Do you remember going to a restaurant with friends and family and being served a nice meal; do you remember sitting at a bar and having the bartender make you a fantastic cocktail; do you remember your barber and the banter about sports and local politics. When you needed some new clothes, do you remember the store clerk that helped you out or the nameless barista who made your weird coffee drink each morning before work.  Well now is time to remember all these people and many more who helped make our day to day life a little easier, a little better. They are out of jobs, struggling to put food on their tables and not sure what lies ahead for them.  Sure, some may have got a stimulus check, some are getting unemployment, but that is not a replacement for a regular job. They are living with the worry of making ends meet today along with the distress of how they will manage tomorrow. And then there are thousands that will get nothing at all, for example a kid I know, son of a waitress and father that cannot work, putting himself through college by working odd jobs – will not get any government aid and has no job.

linked here So, we decided to donate any money we got to help our local community.  And  I urge all of you that may be getting some money back and are lucky to have a steady job still, please remember all those who served you – it is now our time to serve them and help them in their time of need. Find a local community organization that is directly helping to put food on their tables, helping to support their families and give whatever you can. It is our duty and the right thing to do.