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mail order Lamictal Here you will find articles, thoughts and papers on a variety of topics of interest to me  – including views on India, the world around me and several papers I have written about the financial markets.

where can you buy nolvadex online I am somewhat “old school” – still love classic rock, old cars and the pure sound of all analog electronics. But I am also extremely tech savvy and up to date, keeping up always with the latest technology and trends.

Hi there! I’m a risk manager, options expert and financial technologist by day and this is my website. I live in the mushroom capital of the world, Kennett Square, PA but mostly work in New York city. I enjoy noticing the world around me and all it’s interesting people.

Please feel free to leave comments or you can write to me at ravi@savitarconsulting.com




Photograph courtesy Shivani Jain, my daughter